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Dental Recruiters
Dental Recruitment and Dental Recruitment Agencies
Why should you use a recruiter to search for your ideal candidate?
Dental Career Services is proud to offer personal Career Coaching and Recruiting services!

With over twenty five years experience serving dental technology and recruiting, we have a passion for the industry and understand dental lab owners needs.

This industry is very rewarding because it offers us the challenge we need, as we work with clients on their most critical personnel needs.

Email: to schedule an appointment to talk.


Recruiting fees apply only to hiring authorities, consultations to both employers and candidates are available by appointment at no cost

Dental Technician Recruiting
Dental Tech Career Opportunities
Our Philosophy

At Dental Career Services our clients’ needs are our number one priority. We have both national and international clients, including some of the most progressive and growth oriented companies in the industry. Succeeding tomorrow depends upon choosing the right leaders today. We provide our clients with a competitive edge by identifying outstanding candidates with positive attitudes to their careers and life, work well with a team and independently have the technical skills and aptitude to match your specific needs. We excel by not just finding people but by finding the right people. We save you time and expense by eliminating unqualified prospects.
We Believe
  • A company's most important assets are its people
  • Recruiting is Critically Important. If you hire the right people and give them direction, they will help you succeed.
  • There is no product or service more excellent than people. Expect the best.
  • You can’t change people’s behavioral styles. The human personality forms by age three. What we can do is pitch to their strengths and needs. Their strengths and needs may be different than yours.
  • People spend more of their waking hours on the job than they spend with their families and children. They give their minds and bodies by showing up. You have to earn their heart and spirit..
The Search
At Dental Career Services we use a variety of techniques to find our candidates. Of course, our goal is to find the ‘best of the best’ available prospects and to match them with the right opportunity.
  • Relationships – All of our associates have extensive experiences working in the industry, as professionals or recruiters. We attend many of the major trade shows, offer seminars, how to hire and keep people motivated and have gained valuable recognition.
  • Exclusively -Dental Technology Industry – We are always talking with, receiving resumes and networking by referral, to seek out potential candidates
  • Referrals – We regularly ask our candidates to refer other quality candidates to us. Not only is it and excellent source for exceptional talent, but it is also a testament to our abilities to establish a strong, trusting relationship with each of the individuals we represent.
  • Cold Calls - Part of our daily routine is to call CDT’s, manufacture reps and lab owners to attract qualified candidates Although this is a method most recruiters fear we believe in doing business in other peoples ‘fear zone’. We also offer numerous tools and systems specific to our industry to help our clients hire and retain motivated high performing employees.
  • Advertising – We advertise in all major journals across North America and around the world and in many State and Provincial Lab Associations.
  • Internet – We recognize the importance of the internet in 1998 when we first launched our job matching web site We are now the #1 choice in today’s job /candidate market. We pay huge dollars to be positioned on the internet when doing common key word searches
  • Partnering – We are proud members of the (NADL) National Association of Dental Laboratories and support the (NBC) National Board of Certification for CDT’s in USA. We are members of many of the State/Provincial Associations, submit articles and support their members with special discounts and services
  • Reputation – Our President Reg Goulding has spent over 23 years serving, lecturing and writing articles in the Dental Technology Industry. His career started in 1983 with Williams Gold / Ivoclar. He earned every sales Award ever offered by Ivolcar including the coveted North America Sales person of the year in 1997. His consistent, dependable reputation of customer service over the 15 years with this industry leading manufacturer continues today having many of his original customers as loyal clients and friends.
  • Ethics - We believe our honest and ethical approach to everything we do has helped establish and reinforced our credibility throughout the industry. For this reason candidates seek us out.
The Process
The objective of the recruiting process is to establish a partnership with each of our clients. Through this relationship, we develop a unique and customized system for bringing talent to your organization. Although the basics are standard, we add value to our services by doing whatever we can to make the process easier for you.
With you or a representative of you or organization, we will obtain a clear understanding of:
1. Your Company Profile
2. Your Hiring/Staffing Process
3. Your hiring Needs (Location, positions, etc.)
4. Your Company Benefits
5. Career Opportunities
6. What sets you apart from your competitors through the eyes of Job Seekers.

And we will establish:
1. A Personalized Profile and Relationship Process
2. Pricing and billing procedures
3. Advertising campaign for difficult or critical positions

  • We will provide a written Service Agreement detailing the process
  • We will source, screen, interview and pre-qualify potential candidates
  • We will present any acceptable candidates to whomever you identify, along with a copy of their resume, a brief overview/profile, and any other relevant information.
  • If desired, we will conduct reference checks
  • If desired, we also can utilize the relationship we have with each candidate to provide salary negotiation assistance/
  • Finally, we work to maintain the candidate / client / recruiter relationship from acceptance of an offer to a successful start date and beyond.

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